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Sunday, May 12th 2013. | Application

Captcha Sniper X Download

Here’s whats new …

56 New Captcha Types in CDK – with these new additions, there is no need for the ones created by Andrei, they are replaced by these
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‘Use captcha_platform for detection’ – option from the settings menu
CS now accepts a new parameter passed within the http post API to tell CS exactly which captcha type it’s being passed. This means that you will not have to select any captcha types and as a result will have no size conflicts and much higher success rate.

Currently the only tool using this new feature is GSA Search Engine Ranker. If you have not heard of it, I highly recommend you check it out. Its currently the most diverse backlinking tool available at an incredible price. I’ve also heard from Vince, the developer of AMR, that he will be adding this as well.

To use this feature in conjunction with CDK, just make sure that the value being passed matches the captcha type name.

‘Save Solved Captchas’ – option from the settings menu
This will allow you to save the captchas sent to CS along with the answer. This eliminates the need for the multiple panes in the GUI. These will appear in the solvedcaptchas folder.

Bug fixes
Additional handling of the tesseract popup errors… they should almost be non existent now.

CDK – Import Database
As the description says, you can now import additional CDK databases which should make sharing others algorithms a lot easier.

CDK – Character Segmentation and Derotation
Character segmentation now accepts an additional parameter to define the minimum width of a character. In addition, you can derotate characters for captchas with rotated characters. There is no 100% solution for this, however this algorithm works very well on the majority of rotated characters. In addition, you can specify the maximum degree of rotation to check.
Platinum Edition

Here’s whats new …

1. A couple of bug fixes, the most notable of which is that when tesseract crashes it will no longer causes Captcha Sniper to hang. Please note that you might still see windows dialogs about tesseract, but it will have no effect on Captcha Sniper.
2. Captcha Sniper will now load/save your platform and captcha type selections when you open/close the application.
3. The GUI now shows the last three captchas and answers returned, the most recent one being in the top position.
4. You can now save unknown captchas into the unknowncaptchas folder for using them later in Captcha Destruction Kit.
5. The help and test files are now embedded within the app itself via a new menu ‘Help’ in the GUI.
6. The GUI now has an additional status bar with the following stats:
- Total Solved: This is a cummulative total number of answers given across all sessions. This # does not increment when double-click testing and can be changed via the text file SolvesCtr.txt in the Captcha Sniper folder
- Current Solved: This is a cummulative total number of answers given for the current session. This # does not increment when double-click testing.
- Size Conflicts: The number of selected captcha types that are the same image size.
- Last Sovled: Date and Timestamp of the last captcha received via http and the answer given. This will not change for unknown captcha types.

7. Size Conflicts: Captcha Sniper will now alert you that you have more than one of the same captcha image size selected which could cause the wrong algorithm to be used. The status bars will turn red and you will be shown the number of size conflicts on the new status bar. Additionally, each individual size captcha types that is selected and conflicting with another select type will be highlighted in yellow in the right hand window where the captcha types are shown.
8. The status bars in the GUI will now be red and alert you to one of two conditions:
- No captcha types are selected
- You have size conflicts
9. Destruction Kit – right click the location of the captchas to open that url/folder
10. Destruction Kit – New image processing command – contrast
11. Destruction Kit – Delete button added to the image processing steps
12. Destruction Kit – On the OCR tab, if you chose to segment the characters, the image segments are now shown in real time as they are being processed


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